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Why Buy an Electric Car?

Are you in the market to make a significant vehicle change, one that can help the environment and lower emissions of green house gases? If that’s the case you may be wondering if you should go with an electric car. There are lots of points to consider and we have included some of the top ones here as per EV Canada (Electric Vehicles Canada).

How an Electric Car outperforms a traditional Gas Car:

• Electric Cars reduce dependence on oil and price manipulated oil markets.

• Electric Cars reduce vehicle energy costs by up to 90%

• Electric Cars mitigate global warming

• Electric Cars do not produce noxious fumes.

• Electric Cars can run as fast as internal combustion engine vehicles

• Electric Car technology can provide as many as 500,000 Km of service

• Home recharging is more convenient than trips to gasoline stations.

• Regenerative braking can significantly improve vehicle efficiency.

• Recharging costs are more predictable than gas prices, and not subject to volatile international incidents.

• Electric Cars can provide power to a home in the case of a power outage if specially equipped.

If you still aren’t convinced that buying an Electric Car is the way to go then head over here to the EV Canada website to read the full list of Electric Car benefits.


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