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Faraday Future. Apple’s new electric car company?

Faraday Future sure has people asking questions and wondering if this is Apple’s secret company, created to design and build the tech giants new electric cars. The fact that Faraday has already teased a car may count against an Apple connection, but the kinds of hires the company has picked up are consistent with those attributed to Apple’s electric car project. That, combined with the fact that Faraday refuses to name it’s partners, has led some to suggest it’s a front for Apple.


We figure that Faraday has nothing at all to do with Apple’s desire to be in the electric car business. People have reported the the owner is a wealthy Chinese man, who may have started this rumor about the Apple connection as a bid to boost his legitimacy and valuation.

Time will tell who Faraday Future really are, and if they can deliver…We’ll keep an eye on them.




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