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Electric Car Charging Stations in Vancouver

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Vancouver Tesla Dealership

A Vancouver Tesla Dealership is coming to the Oakridge area in 2014 and fans of electric cars couldn’t be happier. Currently Vancouver residents that want to buy a Tesla Electric Car, they need to head to the US and deal with all the hassle of importing a Tesla. Soon you’ll be able to shop for [...]

AMP-GM electric car

Why Buy an Electric Car?

Are you in the market to make a significant vehicle change, one that can help the environment and lower emissions of green house gases? If that’s the case you may be wondering if you should go with an electric car. There are lots of points to consider and we have included some of the top ones here as per [...]

Electric Car – Chevy Volt will get 100km’s per litre!

Chevrolet Volt electric car engineers and designers have been working hard to bring the Volt to market, as GM tries to rebuilt its image and shed the gas-guzzling stereotype. While working towards launching the Volt next year, GM Chief Executive Fritz Henderson has excitedly announced another fantastic trait of the new Chevy Volt. The ability [...]

Vancouver Condo supports Vancouver Electric Car Recharging!

Vancouver Electric Car owners have a new condo that they can call home, complete with the ability to recharge electric cars right in their parking spots! Vancouver Condo buyers at Concord Pacific’s new Cosmo building will be able to recharge electric cars of all varieties with 220v charging stations located in about 20% of the [...]

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is a California based electric automobile company focusing on the production of high performance, consumer-oriented battery electric vehicles. Tesla Motors is named after the electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla and was incorporated in July 2003 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in San Carlos, California. At the time this post was [...]

Vancouver Electric Cars are legal to drive now!

Thanks to BC Hydro and Vancouver City Council, electric cars are legal to drive in Vancouver now! Expected to land on Vancouver streets before the end of 2009, Vancouver electric cars will grow in popularity as more and more people become conscious of what gas-powered vehicles are doing to both the environment and the wallet. [...]