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Electric Car Charging Stations in Vancouver

Vancouver Electric Cars need a charge and PlugShare has all the Vancouver electric car charging stations listed on a map, ready for you to plan your next trip without having to worry about your electric car running out of power!

Electric Vehicle range will vary depending on the electric vehicle you are driving, the load you are carrying, road conditions, traffic and even the weight and number of passengers. To ensure you don’t get caught with a dead battery plan your routes with consideration to where the Electric Car charging stations are so you don’t get left stranded.

As the popularity of electric vehicles increase companies such as Sun Country Highways are helping electric car owners keep charged by installing numerous electric car charging stations. Sun Country Highways has already built electric vehicle charging stations every 200 km along the Trans-Canada Highway from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. They’re now working to get more stations in urban centres.

Imagine a day when electric car charging stations are as frequently seen as gas stations? We do!


For more information on where to find Electric Car Charging Stations, head over to PlugShare

PlugShare Electric Car Charging Stations